December 20, 2012

Stretch Your Curls!

I've been trying to figure out how I can get my twistouts to hang longer. I think I finally landed on a method that works pretty good. Check out my tutorial on how I do it below!

This method does flatten the twistout a bit, but the stretch is amazing. If you do it on wet hair it lasts at least a week. On dry hair, it will last maybe a few days.

Tips to remember:

Dont pull too tight (avoid headache)
Make sure to pin the ends (to keep from having wild-looking ends ;)
Take down when completely dry

Try it out and tell me how you like it!

December 5, 2012

Coconut Oil - It's Many Uses

I use a coconut oil on my hair and it makes it feel great! CLick on the chart below for even more benefits of coconut oil! The Many Uses of Coconut Oil Infographic

Let's JAM ! Custard Cream Gel Review

Cream Gel
I remember Let's Jam from way back. The black gel that my mother used to use on my hair that I wasn't too fond of. Recently, though, Let's Jam has unearthed a potential gem for natural hair women. I have been dying to try this product ever since I saw how beautiful Mahoganycurls' (youtube vlogger) hair turned out after using it. This product is fairly new and I'm not one to jump to a new hair product. But when I spotted a jar in my local family dollar (for a whopping 5 bucks), I had to try it out.

First thing I noticed when opening the jar was the smell. In a word, I'd say strawberries. Like a fake strawberry smell or artificial candy scent. Personally, I thought it was pleasant but not overwhelming.

The texture reminds me of yoplait yogurt. I know that sounds weird, but it looks and feels like some sort of yogurt. And coupled with the smell I had to make sure what I was putting in my hair was actually product and not a tasty treat ;). Smooth to the touch, this product glided on and I basically raked it in my wet hair in little sections.

The jar says flexible hold for a reason. It's because it's not a very firm one. I realized this after my hair began frizzing up while air drying. My little ringlets underneath formed perfectly, but it wasn't firm enough for the looser curls on top. I ended up with a semi defined wash n' go. This wasn't necessarily bad, but I was hoping this would give me better results than I received.

All in all, I found that while this product may be good for some curlies, it didn't do the trick for me (not enough hold). I used it alone on my naked hair, but it may work better mixed with something else. I'd like to try it again, but unfortunately my hair used up most of the jar.

Have any of you curlies tried this product yet? How do you like it?
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